Thursday, April 11, 2013

Watch Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 1 The Hanged Man Online

Watch Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 1 The Hanged Man Online. This is the story of young Leonardo Da Vinci, the world most renowned artist, inventor, scientist and bunch of title. According to record Da Vinci is the second most known historical figure next to Jesus Christ. The Da Vinci’s Demons historical fantasy series will recreate the life of the twenty five-year old Da Vinci as he takes on Renaissance Florence, with a life full of art, invention, sword fights, love and excitement.

Da Vinci was a genius as an artist, a scientist and engineer, and a futurist dead set on fighting the confines of the norms of his society during that time. He was an intellect, free thinker, vegetarian and a humanist who supported himself designing weapons of war. He was tall, handsome and a hit with the ladies. He was great with a sword and, being ambidextrous, which hand didn’t matter.

Other than that, Leonardo Da Vinci a man of intrigue, ensconced in secret societies, his paternity unresolved  as he was born out of wedlock, perhaps divinely inspired as he defy the Roman Catholic Church, which was the most powerful entity during the Renaissance Era. In simple word, Da Vinci is a man who seemed to defy the confinements of any simple narrative, and how the story of Da Vinci’s Demons will flow.

Da Vinci’s Demons will premiere on Friday, April 12, 2013 on Starz. The Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 1 The Hanged will be the Pilot episode of the series. It will air at 10/9c, right after the Spartacus War of the Damned Episode 10. Tom Riley stars as the young Leonardo Da Vinci.

Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1 Episode 1 Synopsis:
In 15th Century Florence, the ruling House of Medici commissions a young Leonardo da Vinci to create a spectacular display for the Easter celebrations. Meanwhile, Leonardo encounters a mysterious Turk.

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