Sunday, December 9, 2012

Watch Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 Do You See What I See? Online

One last episode before Dexter airs the much anticipated season finale of Dexter Season 7. Before Dexter take a bow for this season, let’s enjoy first the Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 Do You See What I See, this episode is the penultimate episode of the current season of Dexter. This episode will definitely set up the plot of the upcoming season finale of this wonderful series.

Dexter is a Showtime crime drama series which features a forensic blood spatter analyst named Dexter who works for the Miami Metro Police Department homicide division yet while he is not in the homicide division helping the police detective in solving crimes, he is out there, looking for the killer himself, but in an illegal manner. See how Dexter is able to deal with the criminals that he hunts as you watch Dexter Season 7 episode 11 online. The next episode is scheduled to air on December 9, 2012 with the episode title “Do You See What I See?” and if you haven’t seen the previous episodes of Dexter Season 7 that you could no longer relate to what might happen next week in the show, then I suggest that you go back first and watch Dexter Season 7 episodes online, especially those you have missed.

Going back to last week’s episode of the series, Dexter was unnerved when Hannah’ father paid him a surprise visit in her pad. The crime of the Phantom Arsonist, on the other hand, became more vicious while Quinn tried to defend Nadia’s honor and found himself in a volatile situation which she finds hard to come about. Meanwhile, LaGuerta asked a former superior for help on the Bay Harbor Butcher case. If you wanted to see the progress of the case, then it is better if you take some time to watch Dexter Season 7 Episode 11: Do You See What I See? Online.

In this upcoming episode of the series, it’s already going to be Christmastime and Debra will learn it may be better to receive when she gets a tip from Hannah’s father, one that could lead to incriminating Dexter in a crime. Looks like our hero is going to be involved in another crime during this episode so watch out.