Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 Year’s End Online

Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 Year’s End Online @ It’s the year end celebration and the mid-season finale of Arrow TV series. In the Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 Year’s End, Oliver will be throwing a huge party and we are all invited. Oliver throws a Christmas party in "Year's End," which had damn well better inspire a montage where he hangs decorations by shooting gimmick arrows all over the place. Ornament arrows, stocking arrows, mistletoe arrows, the works. 

The official press release of the Arrow 1x09, the synopsis says:

Oliver discovers that after his disappearance, his family ceased celebrating Christmas. In knowing this, he decides to throw the family a Christmas party in order to bring things back to normal. Meanwhile, Tommy wants to spend Christmas with Laurel, but she insists that she needs to spend it with her father, because it's her late sister's birthday. Tommy suggests to Laurel that maybe making a change to things isn't a bad idea, though she's not totally certain about it. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers that someone is murdering the people on "the List" with arrows.

The preparation for Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 Year’s End ran from September 27 to October 5, 2012. Filming ran from October 9 until October 18, 2012. This episode will air its premiere broadcast on December 12, 2012. This is the mid-season finale of the series. The Arrow TV series will return on January 2013 for the continuation of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow saga.

Enjoy the show.