Friday, November 23, 2012

Watch iCarly Season 5 Episode 14 iGoodbye Online

Watch iCarly Season 5 Episode 14 iGoodbye Online. This episode is the series finale of the popular sitcom on Nickelodeon, the iCarly. This episode will air on Friday, November 23, 2012 as a one-hour special, dividing the time slot into two parts and counted as two episodes making the episode 108 and 109, respectively.

The series has been on air for 5 years, the iCarly premiered in 2008. Noah mentioned "All these years, we've grown together like brothers and sisters," he said. "It's so fun working every day with my best friends...And even though Noah loves showing up to work with his best buds every day, he agreed that this was the right time for the final iCarly curtain to fall. "We want to end on a high note, [and] we don't want to overstay our welcome. We're at the top, so that's where we want to stop!" to about his castmates and the series finale.

iCarly – iGoodbye Part 1:

Spencer offers to take Carly to the Air Force father-daughter dance because their Dad, Colonel Shay, isn't able to accompany her because of his overseas deployment. Spencer gets ill and can't take her, so Freddie and Gibby offer to take her to cheer her up. Elsewhere, Sam and Spencer (later joined by Freddie) rebuild a motorcycle (as mentioned in Jennette's Time for Kids interview); and Freddie obtains a new phone.

iCarly – iGoodbye Part 2:

Colonel Shay surprises everyone by arriving just in time to be able to take Carly to her special dance. They return from the evening and Carly is disappointed to hear that her Dad must go back to Italy that night and she is put up to a difficult situation/decision.

This is the series finale of iCarly. Watch iCarly – iGoodbye online if you happen to miss this episode on TV.