Friday, June 22, 2012

Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 3 Whatever I am, You Made Me Online

Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 3 Whatever I am, You Made Me Online. The third episode of the True Blood Season 5 is coming right up this Sunday on HBO entitled ‘Whatever I am, You Made Me.’ This episode was authored by Raelle Tucker and directed by David Petrarca. Are you ready for this new episode Truebie?

In this episode, Bill and Eric barter for their lives with the Authority Chancellors and their leader, Roman. Meanwhile, Andy’s dalliance with Holly comes back to bite him in the butt and then later, he’s visited by Gordon and Barbara Pelt, who are searching for Debbie. On the other hand, Salome and Roman enlist a new ally in the face of Russell’s return. Sookie goes to Fangtasia to ask for help from Pam, who is still caught up in her memories of Eric and the strange murders at the Comstock Brothel. And on Jason’s end, he will bumps into an old high school teacher, but their reunion brings up conflicting feelings.

According to spoilers, the sex quotient rockets higher than ever when three "couples" do it for the first time, that is actually according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello. The True Blood Season 5 Episode 3, we will finally see the showdown we've been waiting for. The girl fight between and Pam vs. Sookie! Since Pam's a vampire and Sookie a mere mortal (well, fairy, but still mortal), it will be a "brief-yet-badass battle" between this two hottie lady. Sookie stirs things up when she goes to Fangtasia to ask yet another favor of Pam: to summon Tara, who's gone missing.

Pam tells "Tinkerbell" that she has better things to do than helping "that pathetic excuse for a vampire." Who do you think will win on this lady fight? Maybe Sookie will inflict her glowy fingers and it'll be a fair fight! Let’s see.

The True Blood Season 5 Episode 3 Whatever I am, You Made Me is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 24, 2012 on HBO at 10/9c.