Friday, April 13, 2012

Watch Victorious Season 3 Episode 8 Online

Victorious TV series is about to offer us music and fun as the brand new episode Victorious Season 3 Episode 8 airs on Nickelodeon this Saturday at 8/7c. This episode was given the title ‘Driving Tori Crazy’ which is the 42nd episode in the entire series. This is the 7th time Tori's name has been used in the title of an episode, the first six being in Tori the Zombie, Beck Falls for Tori, Tori Gets Stuck, Tori Tortures Teacher, A Christmas Tori, and Tori & Jade's Play Date.

So, what should be expecting in Victorious Season 3 Episode 8 Driving Tori Crazy? The gang will sing a brand new song in a party bus this episode. As seen on the sneak peak, Daniella Monet sings in this episode, but it is unknown if she will perform as Trina or as herself. The entire Victorious cast will be singing a song together.

In this episode a movie shoot causes a traffic jam that interferes with Tori's morning commute. This probably what drives Tori crazy. Also, on this episode Cat becomes addicted with coupon services, which I also think makes Tori crazy.

Victorious is the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show of 2012. The Victorious Season 3 Episode 8 Driving Tori Crazy was directed by Russ Reinsel. This episode will air on April 14, 2012. Have fun!