Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bloodlust and Drama in Spartacus Vengeance

The most awaited and long overdue sequel of the hit series Spartacus: Blood and Sands had finally started to last January 27, 2012. The second season of Spartacus series is being called Vengeance. The series would follow the quest of Spartacus as he lead the group of rebelling slaves as they seek for freedom. The story of Spartacus Vengeance will pick up what had left in the Blood and Sands, after the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus. The gladiator rebellion begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic. Praetor Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush Spartacus' growing band of freed slaves before they can inflict further damage. Spartacus is given a choice between satisfying his personal need for vengeance against the man who condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death, or making the larger sacrifices necessary to keep his budding army from breaking apart.

Honestly, the Spartacus Vengeance is not a show for everyone. Some may find it offensive because it graphically depicts sex and violence which if you’re sensitive you might find it offensive. But in overall effect the show is bloody good. For the ones that want to see fights, blood, brutality, sex, men looking like gods, blood, erotica, excitement, blood, swearing, allot of skulls being bashed, sweat, savagery, arena fights, honor, friendships intrigues, assassinations, and let’s not forget some more blood, this is a show for you.

This show could surely makes your heart race. The first episode is the weakest, but by episode 4 which I just saw I am swearing by all the Roman Gods that this is what I was born to watch. It is raw bloody entertainment!

The series stars Liam McIntyre as Spartacus replacing the original actor Andy Whitfield who passed away last year. Most of the characters from the first season returns for the Vengeance. They are Lucy Lawless as Lucretia, Peter Mensah as Oenomaus, Manu Bennett as Crixus, Nick Tarabay as Ashur, Viva Bianca as Ilithyia, and Craig Parker as Gaius Claudius Glaber. Dustin Clare will also reprise his role as Gannicus from Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, the prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

You can watch Spartacus Vengeance on Starz every Friday at 10/9c. You can also catch it online for your convenience.