Saturday, April 16, 2011

Glee Season 2 Episode 17 – A Night of Neglect

The upcoming episode of Glee as a lot of “N”; noobs coming back, new gangs formed and New Directions moving forward to Nationals plus the Night of Neglect as the episode title of Glee Season 2 Episode 17.

The episode title of the upcoming installment denotes the thought of those people who are being turned down and given less attention. They in turn become bitter and sour making them the new enemies. To name a few, we include Sue Sylvester on the top list and Will’s ex on the second.

In the reaping of laurel and bacon of the New Directions in the Regionals beating The Warblers, the whole members of the Glee Club is preparing to soar in the National Competition vying for the first place in their performance.

But it seems that the enemies of the club are not amenable of making the victory to be just a peanut for the New Directions. Sue in this upcoming episode will be collections her gangs declared as anti Will Schuester and making the glee coach trails the road to the Nationals with a headache. Meanwhile, what is more exciting to note in this upcoming episode is that, we will be seeing pervious stars that once featured in the previous accounts. To name one, Charice as Sunshine Dizon will be recalled and she will be on the series making an expected six sets of installment.

Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 17 – A Night of Neglect on April 19, 2011 and make the night so serene as all the stars in the series is preparing to churn the evening with the brand new performance prepared by them.

Here are the featured songs for this episode:

Ain't No Way" (Aretha Franklin)
"All by Myself"  (Celine Dion)
"I Follow Rivers" (Lykke Li)
"Turning Tables" (Adele)