Friday, December 3, 2010

Smallville Season 10 Episode 10 – Luthor

Another Smallville epic episode is about to happen this Friday.  Why epic? It is because on the upcoming Smallville Season 10 Episode 10, the formidable Lionel Luthor will come face-to-face Clark.  He will not just be facing the normal Clark but he will have to deal with Clark Luthor, the dark and evil persona of Clark Kent.

The Smallville Season 10 Episode 10 – Luthor is set to air on The CW at 8/7c it will then be followed by Supernatural Season 6 Episode 10.  The Luthor episode is the 205th episode of the entire series.  Smallville is a sci-fi TV series which depicts the adventure of Clark Kent on his becoming the world’s most powerful hero, of being Superman.

In this episode, when Clark accidentally opened the box Tess is having, he was brought into another planet that this totally unknown to him. What is more puzzling here is that, he is there not as a hero but his exist as a murderer. He was threat and hated by many, including Lois. What is more unbelievable in this planet is that Lois is not his girlfriend and she was the woman of someone named Oliver and two pursue to capture him. In his escape in the earth, Clark needs to find a way in order to escape on that nightmare and to regain his real identity which was being destructed by the present Clark Luthor who has taken his identity.

Just as the old adage says, there’s nothing more formidable enemy than yourself.  If can beat your own being you can beat anyone else. Can our hero surpass this crisis? We will soon find out by watching the Smallville Season 10 Episode 10 Luthor.