Wednesday, November 3, 2010

South Park Season 14 Episode 12: Mysterion Rises

Mysterion, he is mysterious as his name.  He first appeared in South Park Season 13 in the Coon episode as one of the crime-fighting superhero friends of the Coon.  But in the previous episode of the South Park (The Coon 2), they ousted The Coon as the leader of the group and Mysterion is now taking in-charge.

Fans are wondering of who is the identity of Mysterion. In the upcoming episode, it is expected the Mysterion will be unmasked.  The South Park Season 14 Episode 12: Mysterion Rises will focus on the persona of Mysterion.  Who is he and does he really have superpower?

We all find out the answer on November 3, 2010 as they will unmask the masked hero.  You can watch South Park Season 14 Episode 12 online or by watching it on Comedy Central at 10:00 PM.

On this episode, Mysterion is now the leader the Coon's former Friends and they are working together to help the people in the Gulf who are at the mercy of the dark lord, Cthulhu. The Coon, scorned by his fellow super heroes and now working alone, is out for revenge.

South Park is an animated TV series famous for its crude, surreal, satirical, and dark humor that ridicules a wide range of topics. It is one of the longest animated series on the TV and one of the most controversial as well.