Friday, November 12, 2010

Smallville Season 10 Episode 8 – Abandoned

What do Lois and Tess have in common? Smallville Season 10 Episode 8 – Abandoned suggests the answer of the opening question. In this upcoming episode, Lois and Tess will be meeting halfway in the point of being left alone; the former in her mother’s death and the later is going back to the place where she had spent her abandoned years.

Upon seeing the video of her mother’s death, Lois was very sad. The lady soon walked to the fortress, and in her depression, she made a decision that would change the rest of her life. What this will be is ours to follow.

Meanwhile, as Clark and Tess are having this investigation on the orphanage, Tess find all her childhood years rushing back.  And as she ventured to the old place, the walls of the orphanage seems to be bringing her into the years of being an orphan, reminiscing her joys and sadness painted in the corners of the orphanage. Tess and Clark met Granny Goodness, the headmistress and Harriet, the steward.

The Smallville Season 10 Episode 8 – Abandoned is promising to give its spectators a new dimension of drama and suspense. As Tess will be unveiling her past, secrets will be flaunted and mysteries will be showed.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 8 – Abandoned on Friday, November 12 of this year. You may end up a bit with teary eyes, and that is for sure.