Thursday, October 7, 2010

Watch Nikita Season 1 Episode 5 The Guardian Online

She’s fighting the bad guys in mini-skirt and stiletto heels. She is the epitome of the saying “Looks could kill”. She is Nikita. Nikita is one of the new TV series in CW Network. It airs every Thursday at CW at 8/9c time slot. Nikita started last September 9, 2010 with Maggie Q stars in the lead role as Nikita.

This Thursday, October 7, 2010 the Nikita Season 1 Episode 5 The Guardian is set to air. On this episode, the Division’s secrets are at risk of being revealed to the world when Owen, a Division operative, escapes from a bank robbery and becomes a fugitive. Percy decides to search for Owen himself, which makes Michael suspicious of his motives. Nikita and Owen go head-to-head until Percy joins them for a tense standoff. Meanwhile, Alex sneaks into Percy's office to warn Nikita, but she is busted by Thom and the two share an intimate moment.

Devon Sawa is the guest star of the episode portraying the role of Owen, the Division operative who becomes a fugitive. In skills and in guts Owen and Nikita are equal. You can watch Nikita Season 1 Episode 5 online or you can catch it at CW Network right after the broadcast of The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5.

She is beautiful and dangerous, that is Nikita.