Monday, October 25, 2010

Glee Season 2 Episode 5 – The Rocky Horror Show

This is going to be a momentous date as the Glee Season 2 Episode 5 – The Rocky Horror Show will be released on the 26th of October this year on Fox Network at its regular time slot.

The upcoming episode of Glee 2 is a Halloween special which is supposed to be on the eve before the All Souls Day but since Tuesday night falls before the specified date, the release is so many advances than the desired date. But anyway, this is an advance Halloween treat from Ryan Murphy and the whole casts of Glee.

The theme of the next episode was inspired of the early 70’s horror musical show entitled The Rocky Horror Show which would mean that the Glee 2 is trying to overcome the fame of its predecessor. Can they do that? It is ours to witness.

Meanwhile, a lot of great of musical performances will be witness in this episode plus a bonus sneak on the sexy “bods” of our beloved series. Matthew will be bragging his abs and Sam will be showing it too. I just don’t know how Finn feels when he was topless.

Can’t wait for it? Well, just keep an eye and don’t dare to miss watching Glee Season 2 Episode 5 Horror Show online for free.