Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Last Airbender Live Action Movie

I have been following the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series TV on Nickelodeon for its past three seasons. I have seen the adventures of Aang together with Katara, Sokka and the rest of the team. In fact, the Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best anime I have seen so far.

Our favorite anime is a now a live-action movie. The Last Airbender is action-adventure fantasy film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who also the producer and the screenwriter of the movie. The Last Airbender is produced by Paramount Pictures. The Last Airbender is the first of the planned trilogy.

Starring in the movie are Noah Ringer as Aang, Nicola Peltz as Katara, Jackson Rathbone as Sokka, Dev Patel as Prince Zuko, Shaun Toub as Iroh, Aasif Mandvi as Admiral Zhao, Seychelle Gabriel as Princess Yue, Jessica Andres as Suki, Cliff Curtis as Fire Lord Ozai and Katherine Houghton as Kanna.

The Last Airbender is set for wide release on July 1, 2010. It will be available in conventional, 2D, and 3D theaters. You can also watch The Last Airbender Movie online.

The story of the Last Airbender movie will revolve around Aang and his friends. Aang, the young boy who is the only survivor of the peaceful Air Nomads who where annihilated by the evil Fire Lord Ozai of Fire Nation. Aang is destined as the Avatar, the only person in his generation who can manipulate all four elements.

Let us join Aang and his friends on their quest to restore the balance of their war-torn world.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Karate Kid 2010 Remake Goes For High Kick

The Karate Kid was a big hit in 80’s. There’s no question in the claim that the Karate Kid was one of the trend-setter for kids and teens on that era. The Karate Kid was first seen in 1984 with the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio with Pat Morita. It was then followed by Karate Kid II in 1986 and Karate Kid III in 1989. In 1994, remake of Karate Kid was released with the title “The Next Karate Kid” it stars Hilary Swank as the new Karate Kid.

The kids in this new millennium can experience the fun and thrills of the Karate Kid with the remake of this iconic film. The Karate kid (2010) remake loosely follows the plot of the original Karate Kid but with a little twist to make it more like 2010’s instead of the 80’s. The Karate Kid 2010 was mostly filmed on Beijing, China. There will be picturesque scenes shot on the temples in the mountains tops plus a great scene on the Great Wall of China.

Staring in the newest version of Karate Kid are Jaden Smith as Dre Parker (the Karate Kid), Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, Taraji P. Henson as Sherry Parker, Yu Rongguang as Master Li, Ming Xu as Bao, Ji Wang as Mrs. Po and many others. The movie is directed by Harald Zwart. The “new” Karate Kid, Jaden Smith is the son of award winning actor Will Smith.

The Karate Kid (2010) was released on June 11, 2010. The has received generally favorable reviews. The Karate Kid topped the box office on its opening day, grossing $18.8 million, and in its opening weekend, grossing $56 million. It completely blocks-out the blockbuster "The A-Team" face down on the mat. Indeed, the Karate Kid 2010 did make a high kick on the blockbuster chart.

If you haven’t watch this remarkable movie yet, you can catch it on major theaters worldwide or you can watch Karate Kid 2010 online.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Countdown to Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Its 20 days before the wide release of the much awaited movie of the year and therefore I am starting my countdown. Since the release of the Twilight Saga: New Moon last year, I have been anticipating the third sequel of the Twilight Saga movie which is the Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

I am solid Team Jacob, I also like Edward but not as much I love the hunky Jacob and according to the reviews I read the Twilight Saga: Eclipse did really make Jacob shine. I am so really excited to see those Jacob shining moments. But whatever that shining moment is, I just really wish Jacob would not end up dead.

Anyway, the Twilight Saga: Eclipse is set for a wide release in major theaters worldwide on June 30, 2010. It will be available both in regular theaters and IMAX 3D. The Twilight Eclipse will also be the first of the Twilight Saga movie to be shown in 3D.

The 3D thing makes the waiting sweeter, I can’t wait to see Jacob transformation scene in 3D. It will be more vivid and crisp than ever. Oh, bloody vampires and werewolves what did you do to make me addicted to you!?

Today is the 10th of June, 20 days before the Eclipse hits the big screen. I wish I could watch Twilight Saga: Eclipse online free in advance, I’m trying to find a website that could show one. Wish me luck. And the countdown starts now!