Saturday, January 9, 2010

Teen Power Weekend With iCarly and Hannah Montana

Happy New Year guys! It’s 2010 and our favorite teen/tween TV shows are dishing our brand new episodes to celebrate the New Year. Our favorite Hannah Montana and iCarly resumes with the new episodes this January after the long holiday break.

iCarly gang will start 2010 with a dazzling beauty pageant themed episode. The iCarly Season 3 Episode 9: iWas A Pageant Girl will premiere on Saturday, January 9 on Nickelodeon at 8:30PM ET/PT. The iCarly iWas A Pageant Girl episode is all about Sam revealing her secret that she used to join on beauty pageant when she was a young girl. Now, the Sam’s long-time rival will be coming to Seattle to compete for her 100th win, she urges Carly to join in the pageant. Sam wanted to join in the pageant herself but she was banned from joining years ago.

But while coaching Carly for the pageant, Sam learns that the ban has been lifted. Upon learning, Sam steps on her tap shoes and amaze the judges with an awesome routine which is a throwback to classic dance numbers seen only in movies years ago.

On the other hand, on Disney Channel Hannah Montana will be airing a brand new episode on Sunday, January 10. In Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 28: Got To Get Her Out Of My House episode, Miley feels guilty for accidentally getting Lilly fired from her job. When Miley convinces Lilly to become their housekeeper, her cleaning techniques drive the Stewarts up the wall, so Miley and Jackson devise a plan to get Lilly her old job back.