Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Rock Is My Tooth Fairy

I am The Rock fans since my older brothers introduce me to the world of wrestling. Before my beloved John Cena I was The Rock follower. When he retires from wrestling ring, I followed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson career in Hollywood. I really enjoyed most of his movies especially the Rundown and the Walking Tall. The Rock is cool, but never ever in my funny imagination ever occurs that The Rock would become a Tooth Fairy.

Can you image Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being a Tooth Fairy? Can you imagine a guy that slams The Undertaker with his Rock Bottom move be ever become a tooth fairy? But, yes, The Rock is a tooth fairy in his upcoming movie. He got all the trimmings of a tooth fairy including snowy white wings. My brothers say he looks ridiculous but I think he looks really cute on this Tooth Fairy costume.

My brothers are groaning in humiliation when they see Tooth Fairy movie poster with The Rock posing on his Tooth Fairy costume. As for me, I am so excited to watch Tooth Fairy online to see The Rock touting on his Tooth Fairy apparel. If he is the Tooth Fairy, then The Rock is my tooth fairy.

The Tooth Fairy casts include Dwayne Johnson as the Tooth Fairy himself, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant, Ashley Judd among others. It is directed by Michael Lembeck and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The Tooth Fairy is scheduled for wide release on January 22, 2010. You can watch tooth fairy movie online and have fun with The Rock.