Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Crowd In Control

Controlling crowd is a massive task, most of the time it would a take a lot of manpower and planning to be successful in holding the crowd in control. Aside from good planning and having sufficient manpower, it is also advisable to ready with some crowd control devices such as stanchion and other device that could barricades the crowd, especially if it is a huge one.

Stanchions are great for holding a small crowd or for just keeping the queue straight just like we see in banks and some fast foods. But if you want some glamor you could have a velvet rope just like the one in Oscar’s and some glitzy celebrity functions. High-end stanchions consist of posts crafted from thicker material with higher-quality metal finishes. Polished gold stanchions finally make their appearance in this class. To add functionality to drama you decorative sign frames and brochure holders that mount onto the tops of the posts. High-end stanchions like are quite expensive, but there will always be a market for high-quality which some people are willing to pay for.