Saturday, November 14, 2009

Watchh Ugly Betty Episode 71: Backseat Betty

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 6: Backseat Betty was be aired on ABC at 9:00 PM timeslot last November 13, 2009. This is also the 71st episode of the overall show. On this episode, Betty younger brother, Justin is struggling to fit in at high school, so Marc advises him to become friends with some the mean –cheerleader type of girls, including Ava. Hilda has doubts over her relationship with Archie after seeing an old flame Bobby Talercio, which is also Betty’s schoolgirl crush. On the other hand, Daniel introduces Amanda to the Community of the Phoenix, as he’s lured deeper into its clutches by Bennett and Natalie. And Wilhemina takes a drastic step to find money for Nico’s blackmail payment.

This is the episode you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Catch the video of Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 6: Backseat Betty below.