Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Princess and the Frog Movie

If you have read the novel The Frog Princess by E.D Baker, you could surely relate to the story of The Princess and the Frog. The Princess and the Frog is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The movie version has a lot of funny twist and changes than the original story in the novel.

On the story of the “The Princess and the Frog”, the prince named Naveen was transformed by the evil voodoo magician into a frog. The frog prince thought a waitress named Tiana was a princess. Naveen convinced Tiana to kiss him to break the spell. However, the kiss doesn't break the spell, but instead turns Tiana into a frog as well. Together, the two of them must reach the good voodoo priestess of the Bayou, named Mama Odie, while befriending a trumpet-playing alligator and a hopelessly romantic firefly along the way.

The Princess and the Frog will be shown in limited theatre in Los Angeles and New York on November 25, 2009 and the rest of the world can watch the film on December 11, 2009 as the movie will released worldwide on this date.

If you prefer to enjoy watching movie at home with your family, you can watch The Princess and the Frog online at this site as soon as the video is available for public viewing. Meanwhile, watch The Princess and the Frog trailer to hype your excitement.