Friday, June 19, 2009

Joe is Fashion Victim!

Joe Jonas, the sexiest of the Jonas Brothers is going to be the fashion victim on their J.O.N.A.S! TV episode. On Sunday, July 21, 2009 Disney Channel will air the seventh episode of Jonas Season 1. The episode is entitled Fashion Victim. The episode shows that Stella and Joe are having a special feeling with each other.

In this episode Stella is going out with the football jock she wanted to date for so long, but Joe is also out ruining that chance for Stella. Nick and Kevin is been teasing Joe that he is jealous of Stella going out with the jock. Jonas Brother are preparing to meet the Prime Minister of England, wearing their best. To get even with Joe, the fashionable Stella commits a crime of fashion but letting him wear a fun outfit. A tight-fitting yellow pants and a ceremonial top with matching gold pilot cap and a very large sunglasses.

Jonas Season 1 Episode 7: Fashion Victim is another fun and musicality. Joe is having a song number on this episode aside from their usual opening song.