Monday, May 4, 2009

Susan Boyle and Ugly Betty: The Underdogs Heroines

What Susan Boyle and Ugly Betty in common? A lot! Susan and Betty doesn't have the look and figure that can launch a thousand ships. They are the type of women who don't get the second look and adoration. They don't the look and body to flaunt. Guys always treat them like a joke. What else they have in common?

Betty and Susan got what most woman lacking, the most important and most valuable attribute of a woman: The Courage, Strength, Intelligence and Talent. Even without the armor of physical perfection they still go forward. They challenge the convention where the only the beautiful are the one who have the right for fame and adoration. These two women rise above the convention and mediocrity.

Susan Boyle is the woman who become sensational after her audition on the biggest talent show in UK, the Britain's Got Talent. Without the usual sparkle of beauty and freshness which seems to be a requisites in talent search Susan captures the audience by her magical golden voice. On the other hand Betty is the leading character in the most watch drama-comedy TV series in US Ugly Betty. Betty does not have the stunning look of the lead actress but she make it up with intelligence, wit, and character. Ugly Betty Season 3 is now currently running in ABC5. The Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 21: The Born Identity is to be shown on May 7.

One woman is fictional and the other one is real, but they both deliver the same message. Dreams do come true. They are the living and breathing example of the adage "Do not judge the book by its cover." Susan and Betty is indeed a true heroines for all underdogs in the world.

Watch Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent