Friday, May 8, 2009

JONAS! Groovy Movies and Princess Protection Program in Disney

The JONAS! launching episode the “Wrong Song” was a huge success, it was funny, wacky and it got loads of cuteness and songs of course. If you love the first episode, I’m sure you will love this upcoming episode more. This week episode will be more wackier with a little drama. This week episode, which will be shown on May 9, is called “Groovy Movies” Justify Full
JONAS! Season 1 Episode 2: Groovy Movies will give us glimpse of the life of Kevin, Joe and Nick when they were younger and out of the limelight. This episode is being called Groovy Movies because the boys wrecked the home videos which their Mom loved so much. For a quick run down the episode 2 will goes like this: Kevin, Joe and Nick almost forgot the birthday of their mom, luckily Stella reminded them. The brothers got hard time choosing birthday gift for their mom. Meanwhile, Mommy Sandy found their old family home videos when boys were very young and she was crazy over it. Kevin and Nick came-up with a brilliant idea to compile all the home videos into DVD as a birthday gift for Mommy Sandy but instead of compiling them they ruin all their mother beloved home videos on the process.

On this episode Frank and Nick shows a very good acting skills, and of course Kevin and Joe are gorgeous as usual. This is a must see episode for all Jonas Brothers fans.

On other hand Disney Original Movie announces the premier of another unforgettable Disney Original movie. The Princess Protection Program is said to be premier on June 26 this year. The movie stars the two uprising teenage Disney stars, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez on the leading role. The TV movie is scheduled to premiere on Disney Channel in June. Princess Protection Program is directed by Allison Liddi.

Watch out also for another Selena Gomez Disney Channel Original Movie which is to premier on August 1, the Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie is an adaptation of the Disney TV series Wizards of Waverly Place which is also set to have its third season.