Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aaron Stone: A New Breed Of Superhero

In the past we have Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonderwoman and many other superheroes that grace our imagination. Their role is to save humankind from evil, to protect the good and fight the bad. These guys (and gal) lived a double life of an ordinary human being and a superhero. Today's generation have their own version of superhero. He is in the person of Aaron Stone.

Who is Aaron Stone?

Aaron Stone is an avatar of a heroic character in the popular online console game Hero Rising. Aaron Stone is a video game character is played by an ordinary teenage boy named Charlie Landers. Charlie Landers is the best player in Hero Rising, as Aaron Stone he became a legend in gaming world. When the creator of Hero Rising, T. Abner Hall recruits Charlie to become the “real-life” Aaron Stone his life turned upside-down.

Being Aaron he must save the world & defeat the evil Omega Defiance. The Omega Defiance, are group of genetically enhance people who seek to destroy the world. From then on, Charlie lives a double life of an ordinary teenager and a hero. Being a true Aaron Stone Charlie wears a protective uniform with high-tech gadgets and equipments & X-5 sneakers just like the fictional Aaron Stone in the video game. He also has been given access to a J960 supersonic jet named “The Black Arrow” which he uses as his main means of transportation for his missions around the world. Charlie Landers becomes a Superhero called Aaron Stone.

Aaron Stone is a new breed of Superhero!

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