Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sony Ericsson W902 review

Sony Ericsson introduces the latest handset under the W-series or the Walkman range in the W902. Aside from the reliable music features, SE puts in a lot more in W902, pleasing not only the auditory sense but the visual sense as well. W- series devotees will get a lot more than they’re used with several innovations under the W902’s belt adding to the complete SE mobile phone experience.

Solid Construction

W902 is built in line with SE premium mobile phones. It comes in metal casing, and is really compact at 110x49x11.7 mm, this makes W902 more sleek and sophisticated.

Huge Storage Capacity

W902 prided itself in its 8 Gigabytes storage with this you can store more music into your play list to add more fun to your music experience while on the go. The 8Gb memory comes with Stick Micro (M2) card, and can be easily accessed or switched. It also comes with an FM tuner to give you more music options.

Shake Control

The “shake-control” feature allows users to change from track to track by side to side (left or right) hand movements while holding down the Walkman key. User may control the volume by raising the phone towards them, and decrease the volume by lowering the phone away from their body.

This feature also allows users to automatically view their photos in landscape orientation, or auto-rotate by simply turning their phones on the side for a bigger picture just like in digital camera.

Picture Perfect

W902 comes with 5 mega pixels camera. Pictures taken with W902 can be truly appreciated with its 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches TFT, 256K color display. The screen of W902 is much better than the previous W-series phone. It also comes with built-in LED-flash.

The W902 comes with second camera for making video call.

The SensMe

“SensMe” is the W902 music analyzer tool that groups your music according to tempo and speed. This allows you to create a playlist matching a particular mood or style of music you may want to listen to at a particular moment.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hulagu's Web Book Review

Hulagu's Web: The Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge Hulagu's Web: The Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge by David Hearne

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Hulagu’s Web is a spine-tingling political thriller that laced with controversy. The controversies illustrated in the book are realistic, it is not the make-believe non-sense that I’ve read on other books. The book is not simply entertaining it is as well enlightening and educational. Although it is compelling thriller, it has something that most thrillers don’t possess; Hulagu’s Web has a “heart”. It displays the human emotion in its truest sense. This book is definitely a GOOD READ, in real sense of the word and I like Senator Katherine Lafroge. How I wish she’s real.

It is chilling to realize that those controversial issues tackled on the book are true, that there are people who are willing kill just to protect their own interest. It seems scary but nevertheless enlightening and educational. I guarantee that this book will be worth every penny and minute you spend for it.

I like the way how the author touches the delicate and controversial political and social issues, the way he informs reader of the REALITY using the fictional characters. The quotes and speeches delivered by my favorite "senator" Kat Lafroge are very mind provoking that makes me think deeply and analyze carefully the things that are happening on the society especially the political aspect not only in the US but of the world. This book could a stir some serious controversy, and could irritate some people in political and business world.

5 star for Hulagu’s Web and a thumbs up for David J Hearne.