Monday, November 24, 2008

YES MAN Movie Review

"One word can change everything."
Oh man, yes man! Ace Ventura a.k.a Bruce Almighty who is also known as Jim Carrey is back once again to tickle our funny bones with his witty and funny antics. This time Jim Carrey is Carl Allen, a guy whose life is known to have to direction whatsoever. Carl Allen’s favorite word is “No”, he said “No” to almost everything until he signs up for a self-help program that stands on the principle “Say YES to everything and anything.” And that was the beginning of the renewed Carl Allen “YES” life. His “yes” life transformed him amazingly and in unexpected ways, he was promoted at work and his love life started to bloom. But his willingness to embrace every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing.

Yes Man is Wallace's second solo book, it was published in July 2005. On this book the author describes how he spent six months saying Yes where once would have said No, to make his life more interesting and positive. In this book he shows the tribulations and mischief that he got up to while he said yes to any question or proposal.

I’ve read the book and I absolutely believe that Jim Carrey is the perfect man for the character. This story is worth every penny and laugh that you’ll going to elicit on this movie. Yes Man is directed by Peyton Reed who is also the director of the movie Bring It On. Yes Man stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, Zooey Deschanel as Renee Allison, Sasha Alexander as Lucy and many more.


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So how is this a movie review?

Simply Elegant Girl said...

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